The 2023 Wagoneer's drowsiness detection system uses a camera and a sensor to monitor the driver's eyes. Suppose it detects drowsiness in the driver, it alerts them with an audible warning. The system can also be turned off via a touchscreen if desired.

The system also has Bluetooth capability, so you can easily pair it with a mobile phone to make hands-free calls and listen to music or podcasts without wires. Additionally, if you have a Wi-Fi hotspot enabled on your phone while connected this way, then passengers will be able to use their own devices over that network instead of having limited data usage from the vehicle itself.

Adaptive cruise control uses radar to track the speed of other vehicles and adjusts your car's speed to maintain a safe distance. It also automatically brakes your car if it detects an obstacle in front of you. This feature is crucial in ensuring that the 2023 Wagoneer here at Action Auto in Sidney, MT is not involved in unnecessary accidents.

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